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Is my tree dead? Should it be removed?

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Dead or dying trees have the potential to fall and cause structural damage to your home and business.

In addition to this, unstable trees are safety hazards to anyone within close proximity. For this reason, it is always a good idea to keep tabs on your trees.

If you suspect that your tree could be dead or on its way out, this guide will help you spot the tell-tale signs.


Leaning is an obvious sign that the tree’s root system is weakening. Your tree’s root system may have become vulnerable due to major disruptions in the surrounding soil. Major disruptions may include construction activity, excavation, and soil compaction. Other factors that can affect the overall health of the root system include extreme weather patterns.

Large Fungus

Slight fungus on the trunk should be monitored for any sudden growth as this could mean that your tree is decaying internally. When larger fungus begins to grow on the trunk, it’s time to have the tree removed. Shelf fungus is a common indicator of a rotting tree.

Bare Branches

At Aaron’s Tree Service, we take great pleasure in watching the tree leaves unfurl in the spring. However, if you notice that your tree is not keeping to roughly the same schedule as its leafy neighbors, it’s possible that it is dead or dying. If the entire tree is leafless, especially if it is well into the summer months, you may want to call our Grand Rapids office for a formal inspection.

Sometimes, a tree will leaf out with the exception of a section of branches. In this case, your tree may be redeemed through our trimming and pruning service. It is always best to consult with us when you suspect that only a few limbs may be dead.

Smooth Trunk without Bark

It is natural for old tree bark to peel or fall off, revealing fresh bark in its place. However, if you notice bare patches on the trunk where bark should be growing, it may be time to call us for an inspection.

If your tree has a smooth trunk without bark, it means that it is dead or dying. If you suspect that one of your trees is dead or dying, feel free to call our Grand Rapids office. Our team of tree experts is more than qualified to make the judgment call for whether or not the tree needs to be removed. We highly recommend that dead trees be removed if they are located near buildings and/or high traffic areas.

Unstable trees pose as a danger to their surrounding areas and can be an eyesore. Get rid of any unwanted trees through our tree removal service. Aaron’s Tree Service brings more than 20 years of experience to each inspection and tree removal.